TENA® Underpad Extra



TENA Underpads provide far greater levels of absorption and retention than draw-sheets or wadding-filled products.



  • DESIGNED TO COVER SURFACES to help absorb leakage, reduce odours and maintain dryness.
  • INTERIOR LINING is soft, vented and non-irritating to users’ skin.
  • QUILTED MAT for enhanced fluid dispersion and mat integrity.
  • MOISTURE PROOF LINING traps moisture for linen protection.
  • SUPERABSORBENT MICROBEADS help to improve absorbency for greater security and skin dryness.
  • All TENA Underpads are Latex Free

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and absorbencies.

Regular Extra Size Packaging
350 353 43 x 61 cm (17 x 24″) 25/pkg, 12pkg/Case
351 354 58 x 61 cm (23 x 24″) 25/Pkg, 8pkg/Case
352 355 58 x 91 cm (23 x 36″) 25/Pkg, 6pkg/Case

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