Professional Orthopedic Products ASO Speed Lacer – Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis


The P.O.P. ASO Speed Lacer ankle stabilizer offers superior durability and support with the same ease of application.



CoolFlex Achilles Pad & Tongue CoolFlex padding has been increased on the inside of the boot along the Achilles tendon to provide greater comfort.  The CoolFlex tongue has been contoured to minimize bunching and allow for neater stitching.

Bilateral Design fits Left or Right Foot

Invisible Seam There is no longer a seam under the foot.  The seam is now positioned along the rear portion of the boot to improve comfort.

Speed Lacer Closure Speed lace closure design provides easy application.  In addition, new boot material is more durable, yet still breathable.

Stabilizing Straps The stabilizing straps are now angled to better contour above the malleolii for enhanced comfort and better migration resistance.  Nylon stabilizing straps form a complete figure-eight to help stabilize the subtalar and talocrural joints.


    • Inversion or Eversion Ankle Sprains
    • Medial or Lateral Ankle Instability
    • Subtalar Joint Instability


Size Ref. Number Ankle Circ
XSmall 223611 10” – 11”
Small 223612 11” – 12”
Medium 223614 12” – 13”
Large 223615 13” – 14”
XLarge 223616 14” – 15”
XXLarge 223617 15” – 16”

Not all sizes are carried in stock.  Allow 3-5 business days.

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