Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump

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The Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump is a simple-to-use, precision enteral feeding pump. It is easily programmed to deliver continuous or intermittent feeding and can provide automatic flushing capability when used with Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump feed and flush sets.

The Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump features a compact, portable design, easily transported with the Kangaroo™ Joey Backpack, to provide patients with freedom and mobility while feeding.

Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump Characteristics

Battery Life 18 hours
Weight 1.7 lbs., with pole clamp – 2.3 lbs
Feed Rate 1-400 in 1 mL increments
Flush Volume 10-500 in 1 mL increments
Flush Interval 1-24 in 1 hr intervals
Memory 72 hours
Tubing length 9″ (From pump to feeding container)
Multiligual Capabilities 15 languages

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Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump and Pump Set Features

User Interface:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Step-by-step prompts to guide programming and operation
  • “Stoplight” LED array visually indicates pump status in a bright or darkened room


  • Quiet operation
  • Compact, portable aesthetic design
  • Tabletop usage or IV pole mounting
  • Simple loading of pump sets
  • Transparent top door to protect pump set
  • Water-resistant
  • “Soft Touch” rubberized casing for easy grip and drop protection
  • “Quick Release” pole clamp for easy detachment of pump


  • MISTIC (Magnetic Intelligent Set Type Identification Connector) Identification System to ensure match between the pump’s user interface and pump set type
  • Automatic Anti-Free-Flow (AFF) System
  • Audible alarm to indicate errors or pump set loading conditions
  • Orientation-independent delivery design eliminates need for drip chamber on pump set
  • Sensor technology detects both upstream and downstream flow conditions
  • Continuous feed, intermittent feed, and flush capability
  • Auto-prime feature reduces the need for time-consuming manual priming
  • Hold feature with restart
  • “Keep Tube Open” (KTO) feature
  • Stores previous 72 hours of feeding and flushing history
  • 15 languages


  • Uses replaceable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for 18 hours of backup power
  • Easily removable A/C Power Adaptor

Enteral Feeding Pump Sets:

  • DEHP-free
  • Anti-free flow design
  • ENFit™ design



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