Himalayan Bath Salt – 10Kg Bag


 10kg Bag

For the ultimate stress reliever, fill your bath with warm water. Add one cup of Himalayan crystal salt and a few drops of essential oil such as calming lavender or uplifting bergamot. Then sink in for a good long soak. The natural salt will draw impurities out of the skin and the essential oils will give you an aromatherapy vacation. Source: Good Housekeeping

10kg Bag

Bath Salt Crystals are great for aches and pains and they also help to beautify your skin. Add salt crystals in your bathtub and they will dissolve in the water slowly as your tensions of the day also melt away. While anyone can benefit from a brine bath, it is particularly soothing for those with:

  • Various skin diseases.
  • Rheumatism and joint diseases.
  • A post-operative care regimen.
  • Gynecological diseases.
  • Recurring infections
  • Severe insect bites, blisters or wounds.
  • Skin irritations from poison oak, ivy or sumac.

For a Relaxing and soothing bath, add 1 cup of Himalayan Bath Salts to your bath to soothe muscles and relax. For a Detoxifying bath, add 1kg of Himalayan Bath Salt and allow to dissolve.. The ideal water temperature is 97-100 degrees (F) You should not use any bath additives, soaps, or oils.Soak yourself for 20-30 minutes. After the bath pat dry or let the skin air dry naturally. It is recommended after the bath to rest, or go to bed. Once you take your first bath with Himalayan Salt Crystals you will never go back to your ordinary bath salt again.

Available in Non-Scented, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla

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Natural, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla