Coloplast ® SenSura®Click 2-Piece Pouch

Drainable, Maxi, Opaque, Filter, 40mm (Green), 10/Box

SenSura®Click is a two-piece mechanical coupling system that combines the unique SenSura double-layer adhesive with an audible ‘click’ to ensure the pouch is locked safely to the baseplate. SenSura®Click pouch is used with a SenSura®Click Baseplate



Drainable, Maxi, Opaque, Filter, 40mm (Green), 10/Box

SenSura®Click 2-piece drainable pouch is used with an SenSura®Click 2-piece Baseplate

SenSura®Click is a two-piece system with mechanical coupling for extra reassurance

The pouch is fixed securely to the baseplate by a mechanical coupling system. An audible ‘click’ confirms the pouch is locked securely to the baseplate.

Before the pouch is locked into position, it can be rotated into the desired position, without the pouch having to be removed from the baseplate.

The pouch can be removed from the SenSura double-layer baseplate, allowing the pouch to be changed more often than the adhesive baseplate.

Options for the SenSura®Click 2-piece pouches

  • Drainable, closed or urostomy pouches,
  • Maxi, Midi, Mini-cap
  • Transparent or Opaque
  • Special solutions such as a night bag.